Friday, 3 April 2015


While reflecting today having reached another milestone, I realise that I am living the good life - in every sense of the word. I have family in my life who show me everyday that I am special and I have friends who constantly remind me that notwithstanding the continents that separate us, friendships that are worthwhile are lasting that neither time nor distance can destroy.

As I reflect too on The Tipsy Tart over the last two years, I realise that I have grown from a woman who was naive and believing to now being a strong woman with a business that is growing swiftly and successfully. With any business it takes maturity and time and with the right support behind me, I have learnt how to filter out the fakes and flick them off for the vultures that they are. 

So let the love and kindness of my family and friends together with thrill of the roller coaster of my business continue with all things positive while I continue having moral ethics of running a business in honesty and originality.

With love from

The Tipsy Tart

Friday, 27 March 2015


My son Dylan has been in Malawi since January doing volunteer work for a charity organisation called Lattitude Global Volunteering.

He has absolutely loved his time there giving tennis coaching lessons to underprivileged children in a rural school in Mzuzu.  

He is coming come next Saturday morning and I got a text yesterday giving me a list of all the food he would like to have on his return - which is as follows :

Steak Pizza for supper on Saturday

Roast Lamb for lunch on Sunday

Rice Crispy Chicken and chips on Monday

and with strict instructions to bring this with me in the car when I pick him up from the airport.

Oreo and M&M Brownies.

My beautiful boy, it would be my absolute pleasure. I guess it means you have missed my cooking.

Love you to the moon and back.

Love The Tipsy Tart known to you as Mum

Thursday, 26 March 2015


How you bring summer to your day.  The Tipsy Tart's Cucumber and Mint Gin with tonic water, ice, lime juice, a few lime peels, cucumber slices  and mint leaves.

So much sunshine in a glass that you will need to put on your hat, glasses and slap on some suncream.

Your Welcome,
Love The Tipsy Tart


Heard this the other day and fell in love.  What a pretty song.

That's all.

Love The Tipsy Tart

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


 I love my little business and am constantly thinking of ways to improve my company and how I serve my vodkas at Markets, Festivals, Cocktail and Hen parties, so when I saw this cheeky little red snow cone machine, I just knew I had to have it.

It arrived today and I my friends, have fallen in love with this simple gadget.  
It just so perfect for The Tipsy Tart and I cannot wait to test it out on my customers especially since summer has finally arrived in the UK.

 Of course, I had to try out my vodka liqueurs to see if it was as good as I thought it would be and I am happy to report that I was definitely not disappointed.

Not only was it delicious, it is also so light and easily transportable and together with a small cooler box of ice, cups and straws, a delicious vodka slush is how available anywhere.  

All this ice just from the plastic container
of ice above.

Strawberry and Blueberry slush
that came with the machine

Cherry Vodka 

After it has melted a bit - so cold and so delicious

Love The Tipsy Tart

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Having your own business can be such a rewarding experience although can sometimes also be quite stressful at times while trying to plan events and buying products needed to run smoothly without interruptions.  This more so in the early stages of starting up a new company especially when you don't really know how other companies operate or what you can expect from them as I discovered this last week.. 

After ordering over 700 bottles from Germany two weeks ago, which I expected to come in manageable boxes, I discovered to my dismay that they had been packed in a pallet.  

Surely not a problem I think as the driver would have whatever it takes that is needed to push the pallet up my little drive way.....

Well...this is the pallet and that is where it was left by the driver in the road because it was so heavy to push up my drive way as he did not have the equipment to do it himself or manpower with him.

And my friends', what lorry drivers' are unable to do...The Tipsy Tart and her wonderful helpful husband had to do by hand....bottle by bottle which are all nicely contained after hours of  back breaking work.

Still smiling I am in charge of my own life and all that it throws at me and there is nowhere else I would rather be or be doing or that I cannot overcome in fulfilling my dream to become the most the successful business woman I wish to be.

Until next time.
Love The Tipsy Tart

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hello Again my Friends - I have missed you all....

I have been really busy since we last met as I have set up my own company called - wait for it....yes, you are correct....The Tipsy Tart.  What started off by making flavoured vodkas/liqueurs as presents for friends at Christmas, could not have blown me over more than all the incredible praise that I received from them not to mention being inundated continuously with pleas for more as well as being told and encouraged to sell them because they were that good.   So whom am I to disappoint and now in just a few months, I have a little business which has blossomed into a full time job with so much interest and positive feedback from everyone that I meet.   I sell at market stalls, festivals and even pubs in the town that I live.

They are all delicious and just wish you could all taste them...I have set up a website with the address of and hope you will visit me there.  

I heard this song this week and is just so appropriate at the moment with The Tipsy Tart because of all the samples that I have having to taste to ensure that they are absolutely perfect for you...such a hard job, but someone has got to do it....

I hope you enjoy this happy song because it just gets me up and dancing everytime I hear it and just had to share it with you all.  


Love The Tipsy Tart